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We all have our own passions and talents. Curious about mine? Take a look around my website and you'll find out more about who I am and what I do. I hope you'll love my work!

Sandra Cress

About Me

In fifth grade, I decided to become an artist.
I wanted to somehow record the beauty that was all around me.
I wanted to learn how to transform
the colors, shapes, and light of the natural world, 
to make these my own expression.
It has been gratifying to earn an art degree as an older adult, and to realize that dream.
I enjoy creating with ink and watercolor, printmaking, collage, and most recently, wood.
Now that I have a grown-up self,
the learning, frustrations, and mark-making of art continue.
And hopefully, I remember to listen and see 
through the freshness of fifth-grade eyes.

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